Graduating from Staffordshire University in 1997 with a Film Studies degree David relocated to Nottingham and has gone on to produce shorts and music videos which have had countless screenings and won awards from all over the world. His films have been screened on Channel 4, MTV2, and ITV4. David’s 2005 short ’10 points’ enjoyed a cinema run as part of the 2005 Nokia Shorts. More recently David’s film ‘The Prince and the Pee’ recieved acknowledgment in Total Film magazine as part of their selection of Best Films on the Web.

Stephen holds an MA in fine art from Central Saint Martin's School of Art, he has exhibited his video installation work in the Lux Cinema, The Cube Gallery in Paris, Cinema de Balie in Amsterdam and had solo shows at The Tabernacle Gallery, London. He won the Red Mansion's Art prize and spent an extended residency in China. Stephen now works in a museum of film & video in Bristol.


Stephen Gray and David Lilley form the creative core of Loonatik & Drinks. David and Stephen have been working together for over 15 years, first on music and then film projects. Initial collaborations where only loosly planned and thier discreet skills where called upon informally and as required. Only over the past couple of years have they worked together cohesively as Loonatik and Drinks. Both are fans of the cult B-movie genre and classic horror fiction.

The pair initiate projects together and form a basic cohesive vision, then each works according to his own skills. David concentrates on character and narrative form. While Stephen develops imagery and a project's artistic direction. 'Production' for Loonatik and Drinks could mean a traditional situation of location, actors and shared directorial roles or it might be green screens, static photography and purely CGI performances.

Recent projects have highlighted the team's intricate VFX and post production work as way to achieve impressive visual scale and yet retain independence from established funding sources. In the short term they aim to streamline this style of film-making which allows them to realise the films they are truly interested in and ensures them creative control.

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