Director:  David Lilley

Screenwriter:  Kevin Pacey

Genre:  Horror/Thriller

Starting at the end and then returning to the beginning, ‘Rellik’ retraces the steps that lead to a young woman’s horrific murder.


At first the motivation is puzzling and oblique - Are the masked killers part of a Devil-worshipping cult? Is the brutal attack random and arbitrary? Or is the woman's murder a pre-planned ritual execution?


Designed to amplify the horror and provoke a visceral response, ‘Rellik’ uses these questions to add a layer of mystery and intrigue. Initially our sympathy lies with the victim and we are shocked by the killers remorseless brutality. Then, when the questions are answered, the world turns upside down and no one survives unscathed.

Starring Lindsey Parr


Directors:  David Lilley

Screenwriter:  David Lilley

Genre:  Comedy

'Witches Brew' sees three witches plotting to take over the world. Things are not going to plan. Two are focussed on creating a potion to strike fear into the hearts of men, the third keeps getting distracted by boys.

Starring Anna Gilthorpe ('The Gemma Factor'/'Tootsie Rollers'), Jacky Wood ('Live at the Electric') and Sylvia Robson (Bane).


Directors:  David Lilley and Stephen Gray

Screenwriter:  David Lilley

Genre:  Fantasy

A young girl makes her way happily through a forest. She happens across a giant stone wall that stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions. She can hear a little girl crying on the otherside of the wall. The crying girl asks for help as she is trapped on the far side of wall, but all is not as it seems.

Starring Imogen Harcombe


Directors:  Stephen Gray and David Lilley

Screenwriter:  Stephen Gray and David Lilley

Genre:  Horror

During 2009 and 2012 Loonatik and Drinks produced 3 adaptations of M.R. James ghost stories.  They were 'The Wailing Well' (Directed by David Lilley) and 'Rats' and 'The Haunted Dolls House' (directed by Stephen Gray).

All three films had their own style and were unique takes on M.R.James' classic tales.  'The Wailing Well' focusses on the three troubled boy scouts to present a cautionary tale for naughty boys everywhere.  'Rats' tells the tale of Mr Thomson who, while on a photography trip, uncovers the areas dark past through some horrific visions.  'The Haunted Dolls House' see's the purchase of a Dolls House where the macarbe evil crime that spawned its creation plays out every single night.


Directors:  David Lilley

Screenwriter:  Mark O'Connell

Genre:  Horror, Comedy

Being the perfect wife can kill.

Loonatik and Drinks present ‘Saw Misgivings’, a comedy horror about a suburban housewife who’s preparing for guests while being hampered a hapless husband and a medieval headtrap which could kill her at any moment.

Will she get the headtrap off in time before it goes off, taking the best part of her head with it.  More importantly, will she get dinner ready in time for her demanding guest?


Directors:  David Lilley

Screenwriter:  Julie Bower

Genre:  Comedy

In today’s economic climate, working late and cutbacks are part of normal life. Two executives are feeling the pinch and whilst working late it becomes clear just how far those cutbacks have gone.

‘The Office Orphan’ is a funny and satirical take on the recession and the lengths that some businessmen will go to in order to save money.

© 2013 Loonatik and Drinks, all rights reserved.

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