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We shot our new film last weekend.  'Rellik' is a short horror come thriller about a kidnapping where all is not as it seems.  Originally intended for the 'Short Cuts to Hell' contest, we have now decided that the film will play better on the short festival circuit.  We had a great weekend shooting and got to work with a top notch new crew who enabled us to get some fantastic results.  The film is in post production and will hopefully be ready for festival submission within the next month.

In other news, we're very pleased to announce two of our films are going live on Netflix shortly.  'Saw Misgivings' and 'The Office Orphan' are featured in the 'coming soon' section and subscribers will be able to watch our films in glorious HD.

Rellik and IndieFlix


Sadly 'Wiches Brew' didn't make the shortlist for the Reed short film contest.  Maybe next year.

We are busy in pre-production on our latest short which will be shooting in a couple of weeks time. '6 Shooter' is a short horror/thriller which deals with the themes of murder and revenge.  We've got a great team assembled for the shoot and it promises to be another L&D classic.

In other news 'Saw Misgivings' has been picked up for screening at the Detmold Internatonal Short Film Festival.

6 Shooter

REED longlist for WITCHES BREW


Good news, 'Witches Brew' has made the final 50 for this years Reed Short Film Contest.  All the shortlisted films can be viewed here.


'Witches Brew', the new L&D production for the Reed short film contest is complete and can be viewed in the Screening Room.

The shoot was a bit hectic, but the results speak for themselves.  I'm keep everything crossed for the Reed contest.  We're also in the running for the Shooting People Film of the Month contest, so any Shooting People patrons please head over there and give us a vote.

It was great to be working with Anna Gilthorpe, Jacky Wood and Sylvia Robson again who really threw themselves into their witchy roles.


In other news 'Saw Misgivings' will be showing at the St Albans Film Festival and Derby's Five Lamps film night in March.  If you're around then pop along.  Also, if you're in France during March/April then pop along to the Mauvais Genre Film Fetival where 'Saw' Misgivings' will be having its French premiere.


WITCHES BREW completed and ready to watch

LOCO and London Short Film Festival

'Saw Misgivings' will be screening at the London Short Comedy Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival in January.  I'm hoping to attend both all being well.

In other news we'll be shooting a new short for the Reed Short film contest on the 7th January.  It's another comedy short/sketch and revolves around 3 witches battling to take over the world, only one of the witches has something else on her mind.  It's a cracking script and I'm pleased to be working with 3 regular Loonatik and Drinks performers to produce what promises to be something special and hopefully slightly amusing.

'The Haunted Dolls House' draws ever closer.  I'm been reliably informed that it should be completed for Xmas eve.  On completion we'll be getting it out to festivals for all the world to see.

In the mean time, have a cracking Christmas from all at Loonatik and Drinks and I look forward to bringing you more quality shorts in the New Year.


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